Sunday, October 25, 2009

twitter integration: rememberthemilk, gtalk

My blackberry now is integrated with my google calendar and rememberthemilk todo list (both show up in built-in calendar app with two-way syncing.) I am going to use "rmilk" instead of rememberthemilk from now on.

Now I am going to add twitter - for rmilk (another way to add and query tasks), and general.

In rmilk, one have to add twitter "rtm" user as a friend (follow him), receive one-time confirmation code, and send it back via twitter as direct message. From now on, direct messages to twitter rtm user would be added as tasks, or can be used to query task list - see for syntax.

Now, how I can use twitter on blackberry - for rmilk, too? (faster than syncing tasks by MilkSync?)
For this, there are several clients, described at

For me, I think either Twibble ( and BBTweet ( would be best.

I can also integrate twitter into gtalk - a nice description of doing it for on desktop (firefox) and blackberry is at

To be updated.

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