Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cragslist in Ukraine - finally

As a diligent user of Getting Things Done method, I regularly check my "waiting" list.

Anyway, today I found that it was over two weeks since my request to Craiglist to add Ukraine to its list of countries. Living here for over a year now (this is net time, taking into account occasional trips abroad), I greatly miss this easy to use method to find things for sale, apartments for rent, and of course missed connections (a fun to read.)

So, it is there - Craigslist for Ukraine, seeded with few posts with UAH in their subject (probably automatic procedure), plus a genuine Russian-language spam posted on November 11th (a day after my request), which I am flagging as I post, three posts about housing (hostel in Simferopol, hotel in Vinnitsa, and apartment in Yalta), some custom furniture maker in Kyiv, somebody looking for a pen pal (preferring non-smoker), and a genuine craiglist item, a used bicycle for sale..

Go on, fellow ex-pats, use it!

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